Nautica Livio Licci Our boats leave from the harbor of Leuca

and begin the excursions to 9 hours to fully enjoy the particular light and the calm of the early morning hours.

Within minutes you already get near the first cave and go through an intensely blue sea under a high cliff until you reach the extraordinary cave of Breath, so beautiful, it deserves a visit by swimming. The navigation takes to arrive at the majestic cave Vora and later returning to the port.

We live our work aware of the privilege we have in being able to enjoy the daily spectacle of the sea and its shores as faithful and generous stewards of its beauties.

Thanks to your support we can count on resources that help us to give proper breathing and attention to these places, because we can defend them and treat so harmonious and return them to the wild as nature designed them.

As patrons who choose to protect what they love supporting those who look after it, so I hope to be with us to guide you among the treasures of the sea, in the largest and deepest respect for its imposing beauty and vitality.

We want you to feel masters of your holiday, because we want you to feel the center of attention at any time, safe and protected by your guide at every step.

The western route is equally fascinating and offers a completely different scenario, given by a low-cost, large caves bright colors and an emerald green sea.

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