The portal Gate-away denies Briatore: "The most wealthy foreigners love already Puglia"

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The words of Flavio Briatore on alleged shortcomings that tourism "Puglia" model would present have received a lot of criticism and some consensus.

The first group, that of the critics, joined, the real estate website dedicated to foreigners who want to buy a second home in Italy.

The Dg of the tourist portal, in fact, wanted to disprove the thesis entrepreneur, citing the reasons and the numbers that make Puglia, one of the favorite tourist destinations across, and to fit every protafogli.

"In Puglia the rich are, are on vacation and they also buy the house - says Simone Rossi, general manager of - Briatore tranquilizzi. Super luxury hotels are not necessary, unless the Apulian tour operators do not fit them into their priorities. The Puglia model is going great, as it is. Abroad, it is one of the most popular among potential foreign buyers who are looking for the ideal home in Italy, even the most affluent regions. And I think it is one of the preferred destinations for the domestic tourism market. Puglia is experiencing a period of growth and do not think, generalizing, lack of luxury hotels may be a sign of an absence of wealth brought by wealthy tourists. What do not consider pageantry, pomp and ostentation as symbols of luxury. That however is often discreet, confidential and very quiet. VIPs in Puglia - said Rossi - seem to prefer properties such as farms and magnificent villas, distinguished by the privacy. "

Here are some details of requests for second homes in Puglia processed by

From January to August 2016, up + 40% of the requests properties of over the same period of 2015.

More than 11% of requests are for luxury real estate, the price range of 500 thousand euro. Nearly 96% of the requests is for detached houses / properties (not apartments)
Over 31% of the requests arrive for houses for renovation in toto or in part; nearly 58% is already habitable homes. The request is that the province of Brindisi.

Ranking of nationality (top ten) from which requests arrive on

Germany 19.9%
UK 14.9%
Belgium 11.4%
France 10.6%
USA 8.6%
Switzerland 5.5%
Netherlands 5.2%
Sweden 2.2%
Canada 2%
Australia 1.1%




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