Marine Protected Area Otranto-Leuca, Casili: "Opportunities for the territory"

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The Regional Council pentastellato promotes the project and highlights the benefits to the area from an environmental, economic and tourist.

"The marine protected area is a great opportunity for this area": ​​Cristian Casili, regional director of the Five Star Movement, and Vice President of the V Commission, welcomes the idea of ​​creating a marine protected area from Otranto to Leuca Santa Maria.

"Two years ago I presented a motion, which was passed, urging the regional government to promote every useful to the establishment of regional marine parks and marine-terrestrial regional parks".

For Casili the Marine Protected Area is a tool that brings benefits in three areas: the environment, promoting safeguarding the marine ecosystem, tourism, aiming at a sustainable form and itineraries able to know the morphology, tradition and the nature of the coast; and for the local economy, especially regarding fishing.

The project aims to not over-exploit fish resources, to make repopulate the sea loosening the fishing effort and selecting the fish to allow capture only large size fish, more salable in the market, and save the smaller specimens, who will have the opportunity to grow and can be captured at an appropriate size and then with a higher value on the market.

"So - clear - it avoids waste and the sea has time to replenish themselves. We know that industrial fishing has virtually desertified our marine mirrors, especially subtracted to the local economy an important source of income. Combining protection with growth of the area is not a utopia but concretizzabile action, the marine protected area is one example. "



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